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Eye Health

Optimal eye health is something that we should all strive for – as it helps us perform better at home, work, and even when we are behind the wheel of a car. Eyes are one of the most important, if not the most important sense that we have as humans since eyesight is something that we as humans do almost every minute of every day. It was found that eighty percent of what we perceive comes through our sense of sight, and therefore the need to stay up-to-date and vigilant of eye and vision care is vital to overall human health.

There are a number of different types of eyesight problems that a person can experience that could potentially be avoided by implementing eye health practices into your daily life – this can include receiving yearly eye exams, eating healthy, and taking daily vitamins.

Eye and Vision Care

When it comes to our eyes, many people are guilty of not taking preventive measures to maintain and improve their eye health and vision. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about 11 million Americans over the age of 12 need vision corrections – illustrating the importance of regularly getting your eyes examined annually.

Although people tend to experience eye and vision problems as they get older, the risks are still present to those who are younger including children. Other individuals who may be at risk of experiencing eye problems includes those who suffer from diabetes, adults over 60 years old, and those who have a family history of glaucoma or other eye problems.

Types of Eyesight Problems

There are different types of eyesight and vision problems that an individual may experience when it comes to their eye health. The most common eyesight problems will include blurred vision, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy.


Blurred Vision

Do you often find yourself squinting to catch a glance at a menu in a restaurant or staring at a light on the street? Blurred vision can greatly debilitate your eyes and vision, and it could potentially be caused by old age, a sign that you need new glasses, or even worse an indicator of other health problems. If you begin to deal with blurred vision, the treatment for this eye condition can be a new pair of glasses or a needed visit to the Optometrist to get to the cause behind your developing blurred vision.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Did you know that there are a documented 200,000 cases in the United States per year of macular degeneration? This growing eyesight problem is a common eye condition that is one of the leading causes of vision loss among those over 50 years old or older. This eye condition causes damage to the macular, a small spot in the eye that is located by the center of the retina and the component of the eye that is needed for sharp, central vision. The best way to detect this vision problem is to have annual dilated eye exams performed by your eye doctor.


Glaucoma is a group of diseases that cause damage to the eye’s optic nerve and this will contribute to vision loss and blindness – but with early detection and treatment, this vision problem can be avoided and protected from in the eyes. Those who are most at risk of developing this eyesight problem are those over the age of 40 years old and those who have a family history of glaucoma.


Cataracts occurs when the lens in the eyes become clouded and will affect vision – this condition is mainly contributed to aging. By age 80 years old, more than half of all Americans either have cataracts or have had cataract surgery. Those at risk of developing cataracts will include those who suffer from diabetes, those who smoke or drink alcohol, and those who have had prolonged exposure to ultraviolet sunlight.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is caused by high blood sugar from diabetes that will damage tiny blood vessels in the retina, leading to this eyesight condition. This condition will cause blood vessels in the retina to leak fluid or bleed, which will distort vision in the eyes. People who suffer from either type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes are at risk of developing diabetic retinopathy.

How to Improve Eye Health

When it comes to facilitating the improvement of your eye’s health, there are many natural things you can begin to incorporate into your daily life to aid in your vision health. The best way to improve your eye’s vision and health is to give your eyes what they need to be healthy – supply of nutritious foods and vitamins and preventive protection to maintain optimal eyesight. Eye exams and glasses are two great methods to aiding eye health and protecting your eyes from eyesight problems and conditions.

Eye Exam and Glasses

Two of the most common forms of protection for maintain eye health and fighting off eyesight conditions is through regular eye exams and glasses to aid your vision. When it comes to eye exams, it is recommended that you have a comprehensive eye exam performed every one to two years – this will depend on your age, risk factors, and if you currently wear glasses or contact lenses. Go to your local ophthalmologist or optometrist to have this eye exam conducted thoroughly and correctly.

Do you think it is time to replace your glasses and get your eyes re-tested? According to optometrists, they recommend updating to new glasses every one to three years as needed. However, if issues begin to arise making your vision blurry or tainted, you may need to have another eye test conducted and new prescription prescribed for your glasses lenses.

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