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When you become pregnant your entire body will go through a changing process, from the rounded-firmness of your belly, the increase nausea and fatigue, and even a change in your eyesight as your pregnancy develops. You may find it as a surprise to learn that pregnancy can impact your vision, but if you have ever been pregnant you will be able to attest to the altering changes that will be made to your vision as your pregnancy progresses. We are going to discuss more into the effects of pregnancy on your eyes and why it is that this occurs in women during pregnancy.

Is Blurry Vision a Sign of Early Pregnancy?

Impaired Vision in PregnancyNausea, increased appetite, fatigue, and maybe even blurry vision could be the tell-tale signs that women should be looking for to determine early signs of pregnancy. The reason behind this somewhat impaired vision can stem from the nausea and dizziness that comes with pregnancy – so any quick or slight movements can result in blurred vision. Many doctors have stated that during pregnancy not a lot of blood is going to the brain, and their vision can get blurred quickly leading to dizziness. There are also other conditions that pregnant women could suffer from including preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

Some women will also experience swelling during pregnancy, which can change your eyes enough to affect your vision. This is usually just a temporary effect of pregnancy and will return to normal after the pregnancy.

Is Blurry Vision a Sign of Preeclampsia?

Blurry vision in pregnant women can occur for a number of reasons, as an early sign of pregnancy and even due to medical conditions during pregnancy like preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a condition that occurs in women who have never had high blood pressure before and generally occurs later during the pregnancy – usually around or after the 20-week mark. This condition can be very dangerous to yourself and your baby, and will need to be monitored extensively by your OB/GYN. Some of the signs of preeclampsia will include vision issues such as blurry vision, flashing lights, or spots. If you begin to experience this during your pregnancy you will want to consult your doctor right away.

How to Prevent Altered Vision While Pregnant

Just because you are expecting a baby does not mean you need to neglect your own health – and this includes staying up to date on your regular doctors’ appointments like a routine eye examine. Going to the eye doctor is even more important during pregnancy as you will have a high chance of experiencing eye problems during this transition. If you suffer from preexisting conditions prior to pregnancy like glaucoma, high blood pressure, or even diabetes it is necessary to consult with your eye doctor after becoming pregnant – so they can stay aware and vigilant in any changes to your vision that occurs from the pregnancy.

Knowledge is power, and during pregnancy this will be a mantra. By learning more about the different effects that pregnancy has on your body and arming yourself with the knowledge to help prevent or aid changes that are made during this time will help your pregnancy be smooth and clear sailing ahead – particularly when it comes to your vision!

How to Prevent Altered Vision While Pregnant